About Olrando Claffey


About Orlando

Orlando brings 10 years of bipartisan media relations successes to his polical work, crafting print, broadcast and online media strategy for local and national markets. With the military at the Coalition Press Information Center in Baghdad, he was a content creator and media liason at America's primary information outlet during one of the most turbulent periods in the Iraq War. Elections, uprisings and the formation of a new government were just steps from his office. He then went on to Gatehouse Media, publisher for over 100 Massachusetts newspapers, covering news from the Statehouse to the town halls of Middlesex County.

Now more than ever, candidates need to invest in their visual campaign. Photographs, logos and design carry more weight and meet more voters in this digital age than ever before. Proper image management is as crucial as the message it's helping convey. Orlando is an expert in creating a visual strategy for any level of campaign, developing a cohesive image for the print, broadcast, digital and social media.